To slay is slang for being awesome (among other things), and try slaying is our ‘equality war cry’ in response to the recent rise in homophobic / transphobic attitudes and violence; it represents the spirit of the show Jock Tamson’s Bairns, which this website was set up to promote.

It’s also a tongue-in-cheek dig at the ‘try praying’ campaign that you may have seen on buses, billboards and online recently. ‘Cause why pray when you can slay, right?

We, the team behind the show, are encouraging our friends, family and audience members to have faith in themselves and their fellow humans first and foremost. Your feelings about god is your business, and we’re all for ‘live and let live’, but in our house humanity, compassion, equality and inclusion rule. Welcome home!

You don’t need to have any particular skills, personality or experience to slay. You just need to work on loving yourself, believing in yourself, being kind and positive to those around you and treating everyone with respect. But of course it helps if you can also stomp that catwalk like a fierce unicorn.

Still unsure? Come to Jock Tamson’s Bairns and we’ll break it down for you.

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